Hi. I’m Brian Yeager. You’ll hear me on air talking about the station and it’s mission and direction. That’s cause they call me the leader of this crazy family. Then Sunday afternoons you get to meet even more of me.

See, I’m a recovering religious person who was pretty sure he was better than most people. Then I realized I am a total mess and no better than anyone else. Except I thought I would be a pretty good parent. Then I married an amazing woman, Michelle, and she had two amazing kids… And I realized I didn’t know anything about them either!

So, I’d love to hang out with you Sunday afternoons from noon till 6. We’ll talk about life, family and the things that are happening in the world. Sometimes I go on rants… Sometimes about politics. Sometimes silly internet headlines I come across. We’ll also talk about stuff going on in our lives. Also, I promise to play you music that can help you be the person you want to be… Just don’t judge me if I end up on the air in my PJ’s….