Promoting a Church or Non-Profit

There are several ways to promote your non-profit on KTSY. Here are your options:

  1. Promote Your Event for Free! You can let everyone know about your event by placing it in the KTSY Community Calendar. This is a free listing and the DJ’s at times will look on the calendar to talk about things going on locally. Click here to go to the KTSY Community Calendar. 
  2. Promote Your Event on Air! For promoting your event, you need at least a minimum of two weeks with 4 spots per business day. We won’t take your money if it won’t do any good for your organization, so we will not do less than 2 weeks of three spots a day. To promote your event, click here.
  3. Promote Your Organization for Free: KTSY has a special spot that plays information about local non-profits. All you need to do is write 5 lines in Word that talks about your organization and email it to The production crew will get in touch with you and schedule a time for you to record the spot (if you wish). Guidelines for this spot:
    1. You may promote your organization, it’s mission, services, or ways to be involved.
    2. We do NOT promote fundraising events. It’s best to build awareness and a loyal following for your charity.
    3. We cannot guarantee the frequency of the rotation of these spots. they come in and fill time and rotate with other charities.
  4. Promote Your Organization or Event: If you want to make an impact with your organization or non-profit’s event, then you might like to purchase spots.
    1. For promoting an organization, you are best to have at least 6 months of spots with a minimum of 3-4 spots a day. With your six month commitment we can get creative to maximize your spots and when in the year they play. However, you must have consistent frequency over a long period of time to adequately tell the story of your organization. Find out more information, email Brian Yeager –