Note: As Dave Arthur has not yet supplied his own authorized biography, we are reduced to using the “unauthorized version” of Dave’s life. We apologize for any undue sensationalism, it could not be helped. 


Dave Arthur is said to have begun life sometime in the late 1400s in Central Spain, the son a simple farmer by the name of Enrique Arturo and his wife Isabella. Young David had dreams of adventure and as a young man, joined an expedition to the new world. He settled for a

An Early portrait of a young David Arturo just before he left Spain for Puerto Rico.

time in Puerto Rico. Eventually he connected with Juan Ponce de Leon and the search for the Fountain of Youth in in present-day Florida. Being young and rather clumsy, David became separated from the rest of the group and spent weeks lost in the swamp. At one point, he came upon a solitary spring of water and drank ravenously. The next day he came upon a Spanish Mission and was saved. It was only several years later that Dave realized that the life-saving spring of water was, in fact, The legendary Fountain itself and that Dave no longer felt the effects of age. At first he relished this, but after a number of years realized that people could not accept this and he fled into the wild, becoming a lone figure on the fringes of society.

 A Man Apart…

He watched over Spanish colonists and later English colonists. His travels taking him to New England where he called himself Squanto for a time. Later he would travel with Lewis and Clark for a to guide them through the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. When they turned back, he chose to stay and lived off the land for decades. Trapping and trading with Indians and mountain men, becoming a legendary figure. When emigrants began traveling the Oregon Trail, there arose a legend of a large hairy ape-like figure living in the forest, this is thought by some to be the seeds for the very first Big Foot and Sasquatch sightings.

A New Century…

As the 1800’s led to the 1900’s, Dave realized that he must adjust to the civilized world. He sought out a place to live and chose the mountains of Idaho where he established the city of McCall, named after a friendly Scotsman he met in Puerto Rico who he said, “made fantastic haggis.” Eventually he was forced to leave his beloved city when his agelessness caused yet more suspicion. At that time he chose to relocate to nearby Boise hoping to be lost in the parade of faces in the growing capital.
This was when he first learned to drive, an experience that so moved him that he wrote a letter to Henry Ford himself complimenting Ford and including a sketch of a “small lightweight vehicle that was both fast and economical.” Ford reportedly laughed at the sketch. When Dave received Ford’s unflattering response, he vowed never again to drive a Ford and began circulating his design to other companies. For decades the design was rejected until the mid-1980’s when Dave received a letter from the Japanese-based company Mazda requesting that they might make Dave’s  design an reality. With tears in his eye’s Dave saw his design debut as the Mazda Miata. So happy was he to see his design become reality that he chose to give Mazda his design with no royalties asked for in return.
Having mastered the skills of living off the land, automotive design, and community development, and seeking to purge his old Spanish accent, Dave decided to turn his considerable mental prowess to learning the art of mass communication. Convincing a local radio station that he was a simple 16-year old high school student, he got a job and ascended through the ranks. Secretly learning the technologies behind radio, then micro-processing, design, networking, and more he slowly moved into the shadow world of the emerging internet and Personal Computing and became a silent partner of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and later Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

A Way Back to Normal…

During this time, he was living a double life; both a local radio disk jockey and a technological giant. His life changed abruptly when he met the woman who would become his wife. Having lived so long in the shadows, a predator of the deep woods, few women had the patience to learn the depth and complexity of Dave Arthur, as he had come to call himself. That changed with Shauna. He has reported that the moment he saw her something changed. He felt the gift of the Fountain of Youth, something he had come to consider a curse, had gone. Its difficult to know the scientific reasons behind the change but it cannot be denied that in the years since marrying Shauna, he has indeed aged. Some say he passed it to her, pictorial evidence suggests this to be the truth. In any case, Dave says he breathes easier knowing that he can live a normal life for the next few years after so many years of separation from human life.
While Shauna has smoothed many of Dave wilder instincts that Dave cultivated during his days away from human contact, that Dave still shows its face from time to time. But those moments are becoming fewer and fewer. Dave now lives a happy life with his wife. He loves his daughters, his Church, and the Mazda Miata which remains close to his heart. However, the question remains, is this the real Dave, does he still lead a double life? He must still have considerable unknown resources and influence after so long. How is he influencing world politics? Is there a dark side to such a legendary figure? We may never know. It merely adds to the mystery that is Dave Arthur.